To all members: This is clarification of what has been happening in the club regarding the Holiday Inn lake. Rumours have been travelling around and there is a lot of speculation.
Unfortunately, an invasive species of fish called a Topmouth gudgeon (TMG) has been introduced to the Holiday Inn lake. When this happened or how we do not know, but we feel possibly within the last 5 years.
TMG habits include eating the eggs produced by other fish thus stopping the breeding cycle. The eggs of the TMG itself can be moved from lake to lake by other wildlife but also landing nets, keep nets, unhooking mats and any other means where lake water may be standing, even in stink bags or the bottom of footwear.
The Environment Agency (EA) have been helping to test all our waters and they have confirmed that TMG is not present in any of our other lakes. Some of you have seen traps around the lakes and this was their way of catching any of these fish. The solution to this problem will be carried out by the EA and it means closing the Holiday Inn lake for approximately 3 to 4 months and during this period there will be no fishing at the lake.
The EA hope to start to treat the water to get the TMG eradication up and running in early January 2020. When the lake reopens will depend on the water temperature, which can affect the time it takes for the chemical to degrade, but hopefully this will be by mid-April, but also bear in mind the lake will need to be re-stocked.
As soon as we have confirmed start dates a notice will placed at the Holiday Inn saying lake closed, which may be from the beginning of December as some preparation work will be required, but until this time fishing may continue. Please be aware of keeping your kit clean to prevent the transfer any spores to other lakes you visit.
Given the implications and for this reason it needs to be said, but please do not be tempted to remove any fish from the lake. Firstly, such action would be contrary to our agreement with the Holiday Inn and secondly with the involvement of the EA it is a criminal offence to interfere in any way with the work being undertaken.
Phil Bond