The Holiday Inn Lake

BS16 1QX

The Holiday Inn Lake is a shallow lake with a maximum depth of 4.5 feet and is approx two acres in size with an attractive  small island feature and lots of lily pads, reeds and bull rushes.

In the winter the fish can generally be found within the middle and lower reaches of the lake often close to where the lily pads have died back. Pleasure fishing weights of 100lb are common place in the summer.


See rules here on the members page.


There are 32 New Steel Platforms installed this season, each providing terrific sport of mainly Common and Mirror Carp in the average range of 2lb to 4lb with larger fish up to 8lbs making the occasional  appearance. Silver fish are mainly Roach and Perch. In the warmer weather fish can be found all over the lake  although one area that is often ignored is the narrower top end of the lake, which in the summer often produces the bigger fish in the surprisingly shallow water.


Parking for the lake is within the tradesmen entrance at the rear of the hotel (accessed from Filton Road) Please note there is no parking at the front of the hotel Please keep to the right hand side of the entrance when parking The lake is open for fishing all year round and members must sign into the book provided within the kiosk located near the container on the right The lake is accessed by entering a code on the pedestrian gate and walking round the back of the hotel 

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