BS31 2DD To BS30 6LN

This is a lovely location running from what is known as Jackie Whites to Swineford.

A very pleasant setting and if you are lucky you may see king fisher’s and you may hear the sound of a wood pecker.


As with all club waters there is no night fishing allowed on the banks, remember this location is visited by family’s enjoying a walk in the countryside so all discarded tackle is required to be removed and as a club member you have the responsibility of ensuring that you remove and take your litter home with you.


Various types of fish can be caught on this lovely stretch of water, including:
Roach on a single red maggot
Bream on a single piece of sweet corn
Chub using bread and other available baits from the river side
Pike, using dead bait and lures

Ensure you have the correct level of kit for the species you are after and remember that some areas of the River Avon are deep and the bank can be slippery in wet weather, so always think safety.


Either near the Lock keeper pub at Keynsham BS31 2DD, or opposite the Swan Inn at Swineford BS30 6LN.

Please remember that parking signs and foot path signs are clearly displayed and these must be adhered to at all times.

River Avon

River Avon

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