2020/21 SEASON

PRESIDENT – Mrs B Appleyard VICE PRESIDENTS – Ms C Hollister 

Club Chairman – Phil Bond  07796933052

Vice Chairman  – Jim Burt 07813484655

Club  Secretary – Don Leatt O7932646626

Club Treasurer – John Maxwell 07551094063 

Club Match Secretary Steve  Sewell 07432474567



Holiday Inn Lake Filton Darren Brimble 07792 978475 / Keith Sawyer 07792 978475

Hunters Lake Jim Burt 07813 484655 / Roger Makin 07896 708552

Christopher’s Lake Derek Higgs 07768 854202 / John Maxwell 07551 094063 

Bowds Lake Donald Leatt 07932646626

Burton (Marshes) Lake Donald Leatt 07932646626

Club Water Management Officer Rob Townsend 07803 308772



Please consider the environment and risks within these while carrying out the sport which we all undertake

Think about natural hazards like bank erosion,

Remember there maybe over head power lines around, so take this into account while carrying your rods/poles

Always carryout any checks before you commence your fishing to ensure the area where you are positioned is a safe environment.

You are responsible for your and others safety whilst you are on any of our waters. The club cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred

If you discover something which you believe is unsafe to yourself and other  members of your club, then report this immediately to your committee, dont ignore it.

There are Signing in/out books at our lake locations, as part of H&S requirements ensure you sign these as and when required.


These are contained within the Club Constitution See below

A list of Lake specific rules are on membership card.


Holiday Inn Hotel, Hambrook BS16 1QX

Hunters Lake, Clutton BS39 5QL

Bowds Lake, Wiltshire SN15 4JA

The Marshes Lake , Burton SN14 7LP

CHRISTOPHER’S Horton Road Chipping Sodbury BS37 6PN

River Frome Winterbourne Down BS36 1BY

River Frome, 2nd field above Damsons Bridge 6 Platforms now in place..

Life Members

John Thompson,Martin Fox, Martin Fare, Phil Bond, Cliff Taynton,  Roy Golding

Club Bailiffs

All members of the Crosshands Angling Club act as official club baliffs.


1          TITLE

1.1       The Club shall be called Cross Hands Angling Club (CHAC), hereafter to be referred to as “the Club”.

2          OBJECTS

2.1       To foster and promote the sport of angling with pole, rod and line at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition.

3          MEMBERSHIP

3.1       The following are eligible for membership:

3.1.1 Membership of the Club shall be open to any person   completing a membership application form and paying the relevant subscription/joining fee as determined by the Annual General Meeting of the Club Members and accepting the rules and byelaws of the club.

3.2       There shall be three classes of membership available. These are:

3.2.1    Junior Member (Under 18 years of age)

3.2.2    Adult Member

3.2.3    Veteran Member (over 65) years of age

Additionally, any ‘Life Members’, ‘Complimentary Members’, ‘Bailiffs’ and ‘Committee’ are included in the classes above.

4          OFFICERS

4.1       The Officers of the Club shall be as follows:


President –                  Mrs B Appleyard

Vice President –           Mrs Caroline Hollister


Chairperson –               Mr Philip Bond

Vice chairperson –     Mr Jim Burt

Secretary –                  Mr Don Leatt

Treasurer –                   Mr John Maxwell

Match Secretary –       Mr Steve Sewell


5.1       All Executive Officers (except for the Match Secretary) shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, from, and by, the Members of the Club.

5.2       All Executive Officers are elected for a period of one year but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year.

5.3       All full committee members will receive a complimentary tab in appreciation of their work on behalf of the club, as will Life Members and Bailiffs.


6.1       The affairs of the Club shall be controlled by a General Committee comprising of the Executive Officers of the Club and 5 other Members from the Full/Senior Members of the Club. The General Committee shall meet at agreed intervals and not less than four times per year.

6.2       The duties of the General Committee shall be:

6.2.1    To control the affairs of the Club on behalf of the Members.

6.2.2    To keep accurate accounts of the finances of the Club through the Treasurer. These should be available for reasonable inspection by Members. The Club shall maintain a bank current account and the following Officers shall be authorised to sign Club cheques Chairman , Secretary, Treasurer. The bank mandate allows for any one of these to sign.

6.2.3    To co-opt additional members to the Committee as the Committee feels necessary. Co-opted members shall not be entitled to a vote on the Committee.

6.2.4    To make any byelaws of the club to govern the control of the fishing and waters held by the club.

6.2.5    To make decisions based on a simple majority vote. In the case of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

6.2.6    All committee meetings shall be held at a venue to be decided by the committee.

6.2.7    Any expenditure shall be repaid by the treasure on production of a receipt to enable him to keep a true record.


7.1       The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held not later than the first Thursday of March each year.

28 clear days written notice shall be given to Members of the Annual General Meeting by circulating a copy of the notice to every member at their home address or, by posting the notice on the Club notice board, or by e-mail or ‘Social Media’.

Members must advise the Secretary in writing or by e-mail of any business to be moved at the Annual General Meeting at least 20 days before a meeting.

The Secretary shall circulate or give notice of the agenda via e-mail/social media for the meeting to Members not less than 7 days before the meeting.

7.2       The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to:

7.2.1    Confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

7.2.2    Receive and approve the accounts for the year from the

Treasurer. (Min detail at discretion of Committee)

7.2.3    Receive the annual report of the Committee from the Chairman and Secretary.

7.2.4    Elect the Officers of the Club (i.e. President; Chairperson; Vice chair, Secretary; Treasurer.

7.2.5    Review Club subscription rates and agree them for the forthcoming year.

7.2.6    Transact such other business received in writing by the Secretary from Members 21 days prior to the meeting and included on the agenda.

            7.3       Nomination of candidates for election of Officers shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting date. Nominations can only be made by Members and must be seconded by another Member.

7.4       Special General Meetings may be convened by the General Committee, or on receipt by the Secretary of a request in writing, from not less than 5 Members of the Club. At least 21 days notice of the meeting shall be given.

7.5       At all General Meetings, the chair will be taken by the Chairperson or, in their absence, by the vice chair person of the Club;

7.6       All decisions made at a Annual General Meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from those Members attending the meeting and not by proxy voting. In the event of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

7.7       A quorum for a Annual General Meeting shall be 4 Members and 1 Officer of the Club including 1 from the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer or Match Secretary.

7.8       Each Member of the Club shall be entitled to one vote at Annual General Meetings.


8.1       Any proposed alterations to the Club Constitution may only be considered at an Annual or Special General Meeting, convened with the required written notice of the proposal.

8.2       Any alteration or amendment must be proposed by a Member of the Club and seconded by another Member.

8.3       Such alterations shall be passed if supported by a simple majority of those Members present at the meeting, assuming a quorum has been achieved.


            9.1       Members of the Club whose conduct is inappropriate or who decline to abide by any of the Rules or Bylaws may be expelled or suspended by a resolution passed at a meeting of the committee.

9.2     Members shall have the right to appeal in person to the management committee regarding any decision affecting themselves, if notice of such appeal be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, within seven days of notification of the decision.

9.3        At the Club’s discretion the Members subscription will be forfeited, particularly if damage caused to property or harm to fish and/or wildlife.


10.1     If at any General Meeting of the Club, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the Club, the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of the Club to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.

10.2     If at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of the Members present at the meeting, the General Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the Club and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Club.

10.3     After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Club, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Members of the Club but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objectives similar to those of the Club.

11        MATCH RULES

11.1     All Club matches will be fished in accordance with the Match Secretary’s instructions and/or NFA rules as appropriate. Club matches are for Club members only, or at the discretion of the Match Secretary.

11.2   All Club trophies are perpetual and cannot be owned or won outright. All trophies remain the property of Cross Hands Angling Club.

11.3 All trophies to be return to match Secretary 6 weeks prior Club presentation to allow time for engraving. Personal trophies are not required to be returned.


12.1      All Adult and Veteran Members are invited and asked to attend at least two work party sessions in each club year. To be decided at previous AGM.

12.2      No fishing is permitted during official Club work party sessions, unless approved by the appropriate Lake Management Team.