Addtional Lake and Match Rules

by | Jan 19, 2018

Addtional Lake Rules

  • Un-Hooking Mats must be used while unhooking fish on the bank
  • No Carp over 3lbs in keepnets
  • No Bream over 2lbs in keepnets
  • Carp & Silvers in separate keepnets
  • No Dogs & Radios around the lakes
  • Juniors to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Fish from designated pegs only
  • No fishing boxes or platforms in the lakes
  • Parking designated areas only 
  • No floating baits or floating attractors.
  • No fly fishing.
  • No Tins of bait on bankside, please transfer into plastic containers before arriving at any lakes
  • Ground bait can be used, but via Max of 1 Kilo per session
  • No fixed method feeders / fixed bolt rigs
  • Max 2 rods only to be used
  • No Braid mainline, only Braid hook length
  • Max hook size 10
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Fishing dawn to dusk only.
  • No fish to be removed from any of our waters.
  • No fishing permitted during official club swim clearing sessions, unless work party does not affect work and vice versa.
  • Strictly no alcohol or drugs at any of our venues.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure club matches are fished in a commonly organised and fair way, whilst aiming to reduce the risk any dispute or challenge by competitors. The aim is to maintain a sensible balance between competitive spirit and social enjoyment of the club’s matches. Fish welfare and reduction of the impact of matches on our waters is of paramount importance. 
The rules are loosely based on NRA and Angling Trust guidelines and provide a common standard.
Match Bookings – Competitors intending to fish should let the Match Secretary know in advance so sufficient pegs can be laid out and names recorded prior to the competition. A phone call or email the night before the match is sufficient notice.
Before the match:

  1. Match Secretary’s Briefing – The match start and finish times are as stated on the club tab and website and may be only varied by the Match Secretary in agreement with competitors. The Match Secretary will brief competitors as to the type of match (club match, knockout, league etc) and highlight any prizes, trophies and optional pool monies etc. He will organise the peg draw process and collect any competitors pools. It will be his decision as to the division of pool monies between winning competitors which will normally be first, second and third and an award for silver fish when this is part of the competition.
  1. During matches, club waters will be deemed to be closed and priority will be given to the match. Once pegs have been selected, every effort will be made to accommodate pleasure anglers away from the match area so that competitors swims are not encroached or obstructed.
  1. All Club rules apply to matches including use of barbless hooks and no use of floating baits, with any local rules applicable to away match fisheries.
  1. Match Pegs – All matches will be pegged out on lake platforms in advance. For matches on rivers without specific pegs or platforms, the pegs will be marked and numbered at least twenty yards apart where practicable, prior to fishing.

Upon drawing their pegs, competitors shall proceed to the corresponding number on the bank and this will be where they will fish during the match.

  1. Keep nets and landing nets will comply with EA Byelaws and must be dry when arriving to fish. Carp and silver fish must be kept in separate nets , no more than 60lbs in each net. Competitors must take care of fish welfare, ensuring their nets are placed deep enough in the water, taking care during weighing and returning fish to the water. If for any reason fish are seen in distress, the competitor must request that the fish be weighed immediately and returned to the water during the match.
  1. Groundbait or loose feed must not be introduced to the swim before the match start signal. Mixing groundbait , depth plumbing, testing floats, clearing his/her swim of weed or obstructions is allowed. A ledger weight, empty feeder may be cast to find depth and for distance purposes.

During the match:

  1. Start and end signals – The Match Secretary will signal the start and end of fishing, normally indicated by a whistle. Competitors may need to pass on these signals to the neighbouring competitors which are remote from the Match Secretary.
  1. Competitors shall use only one rod or pole, one line and one single hook at a time, but may have other rods or poles and tackle assembled. Only one hook to be baited at any one time.
  1. Baits – All baits, subject to Club and local rules, can be used with the exception of live or dead fish, spinning baits or artificial lures. Groundbait may be introduced to the swim by all means with the exception of mechanical equipment such as bait boats.
  1. Fishing boundaries – Competitor will restrict their activities to the following boundaries with no intrusion to the neighbouring swims.

Still waters Competitors may fish as far as half the distance between their peg and adjoining pegs, fishing from platforms only.

Flowing waters – Competitor will fish from within one metre either side of their drawn peg and in the direction of the flow as far as the next peg.  Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks, the limit of the swim is the line midway between each bank.

In an extreme situation e.g. snagged tackle or a snagged fish, competitors must seek permission from  neighbouring competitors before moving from their peg to remedy the situation.

  1. Competitors must cease fishing at the finishing signal. Should they still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, they will be permitted fifteen minutes after time has been called to land the fish.

The weigh-in:

  1. All fish are eligible for weighing with the exception of game fish and crustaceans. Carp and silverfish will be weighed separately.
  1. Competitors are responsible for ensuring their catch weight is recorded by the Match Secretary or steward.  In any dispute the decision of the Match Secretary will be final.

General Match Rules:

  1. Any objection to an angler’s conduct, for whatever reason, must be notified to the Match Secretary, who will adjudicate and resolve the issue. Any angler in contravention of these rules may be disqualified.
  1. All holders of trophies must take reasonable care of them, return them in a clean and presentable condition when asked by the Match Secretary.